The Best Conversational Campaigns with Landrr AI Models

Dialogue-driven approach to marketing using real-time conversations to engage and convert




Instantly engage visitors the minute they indicate interest in your brand and business.



Find out exactly what they need without wasting time and convert them faster.



Explode sales and grow your business.

 The Problem With Non-interactive Marketing : 

Forcing your visitors to fill out a form and dragging them through a funnel, gets you but less results than you should be getting.


That is the old way of marketing, it focuses fully on the company processes and pays less to no attention to your visitors


It passes your audience through generic marketing experience that is not personalised, limits their access to the right information, prolongs their qualification process, sends them random emails and calls when they are busy, and leaves them, at best, frustrated and checking out your competitors.


According to a study from Harvard Business Review, you have to respond within 5 minutes of initial contact to have the best chance of qualifying a lead. If you wait any longer, your odds of qualifying that lead decreases by 400%


And a higher percentage of your visitors didn’t even take the bite on your forms and funnels to start with; 81% of tech buyers who encounter gated content simply decide not to download it


This is after you have spent enormous time waiting for, and exchanging multiple emails back and forth with, developers and designers you hired for premium to create you the best form page.


This is how much traditional landing pages is hurting your conversions and working against your business growth

 What is the solution? 

Conversational Marketing: conversational landing pages and AI Model campaigns

Dialogue-driven conversational landing pages uses real-time one-to-one personalised conversations to instantly engage visitors and convert them.


Think about it—when you’re not talking to someone face-to-face, where do most of your conversations happen? For most people, the answer looks a lot like this:


People love communicating with messaging because it’s fast, easy, and actually feels like a conversation. Times have changed, and people, especially generations Y and Z, want to be able to chat with businesses, too.


Conversional landing pages and campaigns work so well that some smart businesses are now building their entire marketing process on this strategy.


Tesla is one of such businesses… they used a conversational landing page for the Free Tesla Drive signup page with massive success!

And it is not just Tesla, lots of small and medium scale businesses, and even the big name brands have gotten unmatched results by testing out and consequently switching to conversational landing pages and campaigns.




Mom's Spaghetti Restaurant uses conversational experience to create a restaurant table reservation with limited seats.



Trifinder is using a conversational landing page to help people find various sporting events in their vacinity



Avero adopted conversational marketing to assist business owners resolve overtime issues in their restaurants



Kontor’s office finder conversational experience gets information from visitors and uses it to make suggestions for them



Rocky Mountain College uses conversational landing page to reconnect with their Alumni and remind them of the importance of funding in education




At launch, Visualist used conversational marketing to maximize its conversion, build hype and generate early access requests.

 Some of the amazing benefits

you will enjoy with Conversational Marketing 


Better Engagement

By definition, a conversation means 2 or more people talking, which in itself is engaging. Talking to people (like traditional landing pages do) and talking to people (like conversational landing pages and campaigns do) are 2 different things. The former alienates the person in a one-way manner, the latter includes the person in the conversation and allow them interact and make choices.

People feel more comfortable having a chat with your business. When engaged in a conversation, they are less likely to bounce.


More Qualified Leads

In a conversation, you get to guide your audience through a chat. This gives you the opportunity to collect data and qualify them while keeping them super engaged. This will help you personalize future messages. A conversation can take many turns, you can easily delve into why a buyer came to your site, what their biggest pain points are, and which product features are most important to them.

Plus, you won’t have to second-guess whether a lead fits your ideal customer profile or is actually looking for support — you’ll know by the end of the conversation.


Interactive Conversational Experience

In a conversation, your audience is allowed to participate, and based on their responses and choices the conversation can take many turns aimed at giving them the most desired information on your brand, product and business in general.

Your audience are left satisfied and fulfilled with the interaction they have with your brand.


Higher Conversions

With a traditional landing page you can see an average conversion of around 2.35%. However, with a conversational landing page, 4X (quadruple) your conversions.

By instantly engaging your audience who show any interest in your brand with a conversation, you instantly boost your chances of qualifying and converting that lead.


Higher Completion Rates

If you send people to a one-sided questionnaires where they scroll through and try to complete pages of questions, the completion rate would be way too low compared to when they are on a conversational questionnaire.

For example, an insurance company recently found that 12% more people completed the quote questionnaire on Messenger compared to their website’s quote tool, reducing cost per leads by 23%.


Reduce Cost & Improve Operational Efficiency

With a traditional landing page you only convert about 2.35% of your visitors after series of hurdles and steps presented with forms. This costs you more in ads and in staff.

On the other hand, conversational landing pages go straight to qualifying and converting your audience once they indicate interest. This shortens the sales cycle, reduce cost and improves operational efficiency.


Build Trust and Brand Loyalty

Conversations provide a personal touch to people’s experience with your brand. This is necessary to increase brand trust. There’s an exceptional focus on brand trust amongst the younger generation of consumers. Providing information useful information focused on exactly what the person wants leave them satisfied and happy.

This is important for your brand, and a kind of instant result you can only get with conversational marketing.


More Sales

One important factor about Conversational Marketing is that it allows you to interact with customers directly, and by so you can assist their purchasing experiences.

A survey by Facebook says that customers are 50% more likely to buy from a brand after chatting with them; either with a customer support representative or an automated conversation with an A.I. or chatbot.


And Much More Benefits...

Almost every marketing task you previously tried to accomplish with traditional landing pages, form campaigns, and customer-action based goals can be replaced with conversational marketing. And you will get much better results!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How time-consuming is it to setup a conversational campaign in Landrr?

If you can drag drop, point click and type, then you can create any conversational experience with Landrr. It is so simple even a 3 year old can do it.

Q. Can I build conversional campaign that interact with my audience in any language?

Yes, Landrr willl support UTF-8 encoding so it will support all languages.


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