Result-Based Functionalities


4X your conversion rate with Landrr AI Models 


Create conversational campaigns and pages that leverage the power of AI to attend to customers hands-free while you focus on other parts of your business


Drag & Drop Builder

Simply drag, drop, click and enter to build any kind of conversational experience in Landrr. There is no learning curve. The user interface is simple, self-explanatory and drag drop easy.


Live Preview

You get a smart live preview feature in the builder so you can instantly see how your conversational experience will deliver to your audience. This allows you to make changes swiftly.


Use Any Content

Easily add any kind of content to spice up your customers’ experience. You can add text, buttons, multiple interactive options, images, gifs, videos and so on. You also get pre-done welcome and goodbye messages.


Ask & Receive Information

Instantly receive unlimited user input during a conversation. You can receive text input, request for users email, phone number, address, date, file upload, rating, answers to your questions, etc…


Instantly Implement Requests

While Landrr is engaging your audience, it can automatically subscribe them to your list, send them a giveaway, register them to your upcoming webinar, schedule in for a call session, book an appointment for them, etc… all these without your users even lifting a finger to do any of these themselves.


Conversation Panel Templates & Customisation

You can effortlessly customise the chat panel to match your brand details. Choose what profile image to use, the chat style, colors, header and even position settings and more…


Deliver Anywhere

Deliver your built conversational experience on your existing websites, on your client’s websites, or use our in-built page builder to create a matching web page for your campaign.


Ready-Made Conversation Templates

Dozens of pre-made conversation templates that are designed from scratch to achieve any marketing goal. They are arranged in easy to search and find categories. And you can further customize them to fit into your brand objectives.


Ready-Made Conversational Landing Page Templates

Choose from a pool of well done high converting conversational landing page templates. These were designed based on what is converting best out there, and you can customise them with your brand and marketing details.


Custom Domain Ready

Effortlessly add your custom domains to Landrr and publish your conversational landing pages and campaigns on them. This is great to retain your brand address or your client’s brand address for consistency.


Smart Delivery Options

You can take advantage of different smart ways to deliver conversational experience to your audience. You can deliver them on a stand-alone conversational landing page either on the Landrr domain or on your own custom domain. Or you can deliver them on your existing sites through popup conversational campaigns, overlay conversational campaigns or exit intent conversational campaigns.


Instant Access To All Your Tools

Instantly connect to your favourite apps and tools to implement any desired action. Our revolutionary integrations makes it possible to effectively synch your data the most popular software platforms.


Unlimited Conversational Campaigns

Create unlimited conversational landing pages and campaigns. Create for yourself and for your clients - no restriction whatsoever!


Unlimited Leads

Collect unlimited leads from your unlimited conversational landing pages and campaigns. Automatically post your leads to your CRM and email service providers instantly as received. Full access to your leads in the Landrr platform.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Your conversational campaigns can receive unlimited hits, unlimited visitors and impressions, while keeping your campaign up and running 24/7 with no hidden charges.


Unlimited Actions

Once you set it up, our robotic platform will automatically implement unlimited actions on the backend; this includes adding your audience to your email lists, registering them to your webinar, booking an appointment, scheduling a call, etc. All these will happen automatically and simultaneously as your audience get engaged by our bot.


Fully Cloud Based

You can log in from anywhere in the world, using any device to create and deliver your conversational landing pages and campaigns. There is nothing to download or install to use Landrr.


Full Campaign Performance Analytics

You get full access to your campaign performance data and see how your folks are interacting with them. You can review their chats, see their full chat history, any data or information they submitted, any actions they completed, etc…


Team Sub-Accounts Management Features

You can instantly invite your team members and work and collaborate with them in land. Work together with your team members, staff, VAs, staff and clients. You have full access to manage and control their privileges in the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How time-consuming is it to setup a conversational campaign in Landrr?

If you can drag drop, point click and type, then you can create any conversational experience with Landrr. It is so simple even a 3 year old can do it.

Q. Can I build conversional campaign that interact with my audience in any language?

Yes, Landrr willl support UTF-8 encoding so it will support all languages.


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